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The benefits of soft water


Limescale free kitchen and bathroom


Longer lasting appliances


Softer skin and shinier hair


Scale free pipes and boiler


Less time and money spent cleaning

The Ultimate Water Softeners Systems
with Yorkshire Water Softeners

Yorkshire Water Softeners are a family owned business with Kevin Mallam heading up the installation team and Hazel George operating the business from HQ. With a showroom located at 9A Julia Avenue, Monks Cross York, YO32 9JR we supply and install water softeners throughout Yorkshire.

We are the exclusive suppliers for the Kinetico Premier Compact Range and the Harvey Twin Tec Series 3 and already have many customers throughout the YO postcode area. With over 25 years of experience, we are now able to provide you with the very best water softening technology from Harvey’s and Kinetico.

Best-selling Products

Our range includes best-selling products such as the Harvey’s Twin Tec Series 3 water softener, the Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener. We have been serving customers throughout Yorkshire for many years, providing a first-class service in the supply and installation of water softener systems.

Expertise & Experience

We have our own in-house installation team, as well as a dedicated salt delivery team. With our experience, we’re able to offer the highest quality Water Softener Systems for all homes, whether your family is large or small.

Covering Yorkshire

Some of the hard water areas which we supply to within the Yorkshire Area include, Pocklington, Driffield,Stamford Bridge,Malton and Pickering. Bouroughbridge, Easingwold, and Helmsley.

What causes hard water?

Naturally soft rainwater absorbs calcium and magnesium minerals whilst flowing through the ground. It’s these minerals that cause the water to turn hard. When heated, these minerals react and cause limescale in your home.

Hard water effects:

• Damage that reduces the lifespan of appliances
• Blocked pipes that make your heating inefficient
• Limesacle build up on taps, showers and appliances
• Irritaion to sensitive skin
• Scum residue in your bathtub
• More cleaning time around the home

How does a Kinetico Premier Compact water softener stop this from happening?

It’s fitted directly to the mains water supply, compact enough to fit under your kitchen sink with minimal upkeep needed.

Satisfied Customers

We wish we did this 30 years ago

“From the initial contact to the fitting of the water softener the whole process was painless. Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient staff.

2-3 months on and there is a noticeable difference in our shower, my dry skin has improved as predicted. Yorkshire Water said our hardness was 100ppm and borderline so we only tried simple solutions. When I eventually tested it it was 400ppm! We wish we did this 30 years ago. Thank you”

Peter Edon, Northallerton, North Yorkshire
May 2019

Thanks for introducing us to the benefits of water softening.


“We had a Twin Tec water softener fitted last week by Kevin, a very neat and tidy job by a very professional worker,following the visit by Hazel who explained fully the advantages of a water softener, and answered all our questions fully. Now having had the benefit of it for only a few days, all the advantages are being seen, shining glass , china and cutlery from the dishwasher, no longer a bitter taste and no scum on tea, everything lather’s quicker and skin feels softer, also hair is shining, the other benefits we are sure will come as promised in time. The unit fits very neatly under the sink, and is easily accessible. Thank you for introducing us to the benefits of water softening.”

Mike Rogers, York
May 2019

The difference to our water supply is unbelievable !


We had the Twin Tec model installed on the 4th May 2019 by Kevin after an initial visit two days earlier, by Hazel. Both are very knowledgable about their products and very pleasant to deal with.  The difference to our water supply is unbelievable ! No more furred up kettles, no more ‘limescale crud’ around the taps and sink drain fittings, shower much easier to clean after use, less detergent required when washing dishes, less washing powder needed in washing machine and the water has a lovely ‘silky’ feel when taking a shower and even when washing dishes, they seem to feel cleaner! Also, I suffered from itchy skin – particularly on my face and scalp, but after less than a month since the softener was fitted, my irritation has dramatically decreased!

One of the great advantages of the installation is that the softener can be easily bypassed should you wish to use a hosepipe and external tap, to water the garden. This avoids using up the Salt blocks unnecessarily. I wish I had known of the benefits of fitting a water softener years ago. They are a little expensive but a really worthwhile investment.

I have already spread the word to some neighbours and friends and hopefully they will consider having one installed and reap the benefits of a much improved water supply in their home. Incidentally, I was informed by Kevin that should you move home, it is a simple process to take the unit with you……

Bill Norrie, Richmond, North Yorkshire
May 2019

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